amazing diversity all over America

From the 2004 issue of published by North American Mission Board, The world at our doorstep: where they live, work and pray :: Among Americans age 5 and over, 47 million speak a language other than English at home (about 18 percent of the population)a growth of 47 percent between 1990 and 2000. 4.1 […]

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Asian Americans largest minority in Plano Texas

Excerpts from the Dallas Morning News article, More Asians calling northern Plano home: Ethnic market becomes a social hub for city’s largest minority group Asians eclipsed Latinos as Plano’s largest minority group nearly a decade ago, and in 2005 they made up 16 percent of the city’s population. That’s up from about 10 percent in […]

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Minorities becoming Majority

Demographics continue to shift in the United States. The United States has more than 100 million minorities (based on July 2005 census data reported in May 2006). The New York Times recently notes that Minorities Now Form Majority in One-Third of Most-Populous Counties: In a further sign of the United States’ growing diversity, nonwhites now […]

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leadership and legacy for Asian Americans

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L2 Foundation (“L-Squared”) is a private foundation that seeks to develop the leadership and legacy of Asian Americans by providing support and resources.

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